Hi! Welcome to QingLiu Traditional Mixed Martial Arts (pronounced Ching Liu). We are a traditional Kungfu school, forming the Hertfordshire branch of UK ZhenWei Academy, and focused on principles of real combat and personal development. We have been teaching children and adults for 8 years, and some of the reasons people have chosen and stuck with us are as follows:

  • FUN

Kids Classes

ShaoLin MiZong Quan –
Traditional Mixed Martial Arts
for confidence, fitness and fun!



Adults Classes

ShaoLin MiZong Quan –
Traditional Mixed Martial Arts

for confidence, fitness and fun!




Tai Chi Classes

Yang Shi TaiJi Quan –
Balance and personal power
development for all ages.



Upcoming Courses

Kids Weapons Workshops
Adults Fitness Bootcamp
For more information call 07715 821 057


“I have been a member of the group for 9 years now and the health benefits- physical and mental of tai chi – continue to amaze me. Helping balance, stability, muscle strength (to my ageing body!) and creating a stillness and calm after each session (in my mind). Andrew and Shu’s passion and commitment to tai chi makes them exceptional teachers – always explaining the application behind each move and refining and fine tuning them. Tai chi is addictive in the most incredible way with only positive results and no side effects!!! Thank you both. ”


“I have been doing Kung Fu with Shifu Andy since July and have gained great
confidence. Learning is made fun at QingLiu and I have already gained my white


I look forward to Saturday and the feeling of well-being I get from Tai Chi


I have been going to Tai Chi with Andy and Shu for about 6 years. I absolutely love it it helps with my arthritic knees and balance and also calms my erratic moods. They are both very knowledgeable about the long form and have a way of explaining the movements and the reasoning and benefits of every move so that even I can understand


Excellent instruction from experienced instructors where each Tai Chi move is explained in both artistic and it’s practical interpretation


I have been attending Andy’s kung fu class for 3 years. Andy is an excellent teacher who is very passionate about what he does. We practice our kicks and our forms which I really enjoy. The more physical side when we do conditioning and sparring is my favourite. In my 3 years of kung fu I have learned how to defend myself and others. I really enjoy this and will continue to attend.

Daria’s Mum – Alina

“For Daria KungFu was a challenge because she was doing another sport and she
didn’t know if she would like it… but with the help of Andy she loves this sport, she
admires Andy and his work and she’s having a lot of fun…Andy makes her to wish to
be better!!! Thank you for your support!”

Charlie and Max’s – Mum Gemma

“Andy is lovely. He has been amazing with my boys and they have loved learning in
his classes. Fully recommend his classes.”


“I love kung fu class as it helps me protect myself and my little sister. I like learning
the new moves to get my next belt and I have made some new friends.”


“After watching my son in the junior class I was inspired to give it a go myself after a
20 year break from any contact sport. Andy’s enthusiastic approach to reaching
matched only by the physical demands have helped me regain lost flexibility and
improve fitness. So glad I took the plunge!”