About Us

We are a traditional Kungfu school, forming part of UK Zhenwei Academy, focused on principles of real combat and personal development.  Based in Hertfordshire, classes are taught by Shifu Andy Denney, former Royal Marine, 7th Generation Mizongquan Disciple and lifelong Judo player.

As per our name and logo, we are committed to opening a clear “pure stream” that is continuously flowing from the Source.  We teach at all levels a mixed martial art.  The mission here is Progressive, Inclusive and Practical.


We encourage a flow of improvement both on the level of personal growth and also to keep evolving as a club to stay relevant to the needs of our students.

We incorporate modern focus pads, mitts, Thai pads, and appropriate techniques from other styles, old and new, and we look ultimately to prepare our students to be able to compete outside our school in modern traditional Shuai Jiao, Sanda and MMA competitions; should they desire it.


We promote cross-training with other styles, acknowledging that we humans naturally learn from each other.

All physically able people at all levels of martial ability and even person training in other styles are most welcome.

Each of us has something to learn from the other and we believe this spirit of feeding each other is a natural instinctive behavior in human beings.

We delight in sharing our treasures from the past with others in the present and future.

We learn Xue Ren, Xue Yi, Xue Gongfu:

  • Xue Ren –  Learn Kindness
  • Xue Yi – Learn Brotherhood
  • Xue Gongfu – Learn Skills


We learn and teach techniques that “work”.   For fitness, wellness and for combat.

We are straightforward about the usefulness of what we teach… some martial arts routines are not directly for fighting, but it all has a purpose… we practice drills and conditioning for fitness and physical toughness.

We teach Reality.  Avoidance of violence.  The dangers of weapons and to Treasure Human Life.

We teach drills and techniques proven on the Leitai of Dynastic China, and also those proven in boxing, MMA, Judo and other competitive scenarios.

In keeping with our traditions we cover the following:

  • Ti –  Kicking
  • Da – Striking
  • Shuai – Throwing
  • Na – Submissions

Even our Tai Chi classes are taught with the traditional applications in mind which makes us very popular with older Karate and Judo practitioners who might struggle with their former arts but still love the challenge of learning new tricks with their bodies!

Traditional Mixed Martial Arts For Your Little Warriors